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A Luminous Future: Growing up in Transylvania in the Shadow of Communism

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. By turns amusing, terrifying and confronting, the story of Teodor Flonta, his father, his family and his community, is both a valuable social document and an intriguing read.

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The images and themes surrounding the wolves - both animal and human - are brilliant. One of the greatest things about this memoir is how the author balances the darkness and cruelty with pitch perfect humor. It is such a triumphant story in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and I think readers will love this family and thespirit they show. It's funny and warm andheartbreaking - as life so often is. It is an intriguing portrayal of the customs and traditions that lingered on from the pre-Communist days, humorous and brutal as they were, and their destruction at the hands of what seems a madness that gripped the country during the s and 50s.

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It is also a testament to the resilience of the author's father who endured unimaginable pressures, humiliations and imprisonments for committing no crime other than employing a couple of men. Personally I find the story quite gripping, and clearly and vividly told, with a mass of illuminating detail. The characters come to life well, the author makes a good guide to this - to us - strange world, and conveys the politics in a lively but understated way. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview In ominous clouds are gathering on the narrow horizon of Lupoaia Valley of the Wolves , a little village in Transylvania, where traditions, impregnated with prejudice and superstition, have endured over many generations. The Second World War is over but the lives of the villagers are thrown into turmoil with the imposition of drastic, senseless changes by a new regime, intent on creating a new man for a new society.

The newly-installed totalitarian government threatens to eliminate the Flonta family by declaring Teodor's father, Pavel, a chiabur - an 'enemy of the people'. Pavel is arrested, imprisoned and tortured. When the wave of persecutions reaches its peak, he is forced to live in hiding. A trade, learned by Pavel in his youth, unexpectedly becomes his salvation - the Russians, who are extracting uranium in the Carpathians for their first atomic bomb, hire him.

There, at the mine, the tentacles of the Securitate - the secret police - cannot reach him. Stalin is still alive when Teodor starts school. They truly came alive on the pages and through the words of Mr. It gives a grand view of life that is so different from what we may be used to, yet we can totally relate to at the same time. You should too! Jenna Brewster reviewed on on June 20, Sometimes you can read a book that is exquisitely written, but the storyline is kinda ho-hum.

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It was stylistically near perfect, with great pacing and an always-advancing storyline that touched on a wide range of topics and events. Highly recommend to everyone. April Dawn reviewed on on June 12, What an amazing story!

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Sad, yet heart-warming at the same time. The story goes much deeper than any stuffy old history or text book ever could.

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But the magic of this story is that our main character manages, despite all odds, to really HAVE a luminous future…and live a life anyone should be proud of. I really loved this novel and think it deserves the highest of praise. Make sure you keep clicking all the way to the end or you will miss out on the beautiful pictures of some of the people in the book!! Jesse Thomas reviewed on on June 9, Great book about life in a Romanian village under communist rule.

History buffs will get a kick out of all the details and descriptions that only could be given by someone who really experienced these events first hand, and the way the author expresses the different ways the fascist dictatorships affected various lives. When we study Communism and its effects in school, we only think of the submissive workers united under a totalitarian government. You owe it to yourself to read and experience this incredibly sad, loving, and uplifting world for yourself. Claire Middleton reviewed on on June 4, I am so happy I read this story, as it makes me appreciate my life and upbringing even that much more.

Not that I feel sorry for Mr. Flonta…not in the least. Obviously his experiences shaped him into the man he is and led him exactly to where he is now. Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope others read it and benefit as well. Mark Williams reviewed on on June 2, This is a powerful true tale of living under a Communist regime, and the taxing effects it has on those who dare oppose The Party.

What I liked the most was the way Mr.

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  8. Flonta made history come alive and eloquently express his perception of a world many of us find foreign, but fascinating. The stories made me feel like I was really there and seeing the world through his eyes, which is much better than just reading about it in a history book. It was excellently written with a graceful prose and sweeping narrative that had me totally hooked. Stacy Decker reviewed on on June 2, This book made me laugh, cry, ponder a different time and place in history many people only now give a passing thought to in history classes.

    So totally transported I was to this world Mr. What a moving story and one that I most highly recommend. Karen Matthews reviewed on on June 1, It will be hard for me to condense into a paragraph all the ways I think this book is phenomenal… It really is something you have to experience for yourself! But I am still shaking my head at the fact that not only is English not Mr. This was mentioned at the acknowledgements at the end. Consider my mind blown! Flonta made potentially slow scenes come alive with an expressive, yet subtle manner of writing that made me feel like I was listening to stories from a good friend…stories that took me away to another time and place.

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    Definitely recommend anyone who enjoys a moving story, and even better ones that are based on truth! Sophia Renee reviewed on on June 1, One of the reasons why I love reading nonfiction, especially biographies and autobiographies is that they allow me to experience a life and a world that I never would otherwise.

    As a girl who has lived her whole life in California, USA, reading about a boy from a small village in Transylvania after the end of WWII is about as different as can be. Kaylee Stevens reviewed on on May 31, Talk about an eye-opener!

    A Luminous Future: Growing up in Transylvania in the Shadow of Communism

    I loved the part when they said how Stalin had died and they were supposed to be sad and hang their flags low. But Teodor and his friends were happy and celebrated…they still retained the ability to think for themselves and know what was right and wrong despite the attempts to coerce their way of thinking. There is much to be admired in this book, and I thank Mr. Flonta for taking the time and painstaking effort to do it, and I thank him for letting me experience a bit of his extraordinary life.

    This act opened up Bulgaria once more to influence by Cainites from outside the region. Posts about romania written by E. I was 9 years old when my mother defected from communist Romania, four years before Ceausescu's regime was defeated. Perhaps I'd heard this song before, sometime in my lost childhood,.. The shadows of those great-grandparents and the whispers of their. As in Romania it is easy to intimidate the affected by pressure and citation of The cooperation with the current communists in Brasov looks like that we.

    More than abandoned children are currently growing up here. And you never may forget the luminous figures, who went to the underground, to the prisons. Events, however, affect Teodor deeply from an early age, as in the communist system the sins of the father As you read the story of a boy growing up in Romania under a dictator regime, you 5,0 de 5 estrellasA shadow now defined.

    Romania were not Jews, they were Romanian, and. When in early I first went to Transylvania, leaving behind the bright lights These villages provide locally-grown food, and sometimes, as at Cund and Zabola, painted in garish orange, luminous yellow or vivid purple, often with windows of In Filetelnic, for example, the old Saxon school was opened up to provide. Center to promote and support Holocaust research; to inspire growth of the field of.

    Holocaust studies; to ensure continued training of future generations of.. Ethnic 'Hungarians' made up less than half of the population of Hungary prior support in the liberation of Hungarian minorities in Romania and Yugoslavia. The Shoah in Romania: Time to teach the history.

    Thomas M.

    A Luminous Future A Luminous Future
    A Luminous Future A Luminous Future
    A Luminous Future A Luminous Future
    A Luminous Future A Luminous Future
    A Luminous Future A Luminous Future

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