Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)

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You are an average person in a world. Who are filled with a need to spread and fuck anyone they can find. The demonic idol : a statue who slowly changes peoples into demon, succubi, hellhound and maybe more. A collection of stories peeking into the lives of several monster girls. You are a young man, looking for a good time on Halloween.

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No costume, but that won't matter Tag: demons Search by SmutMD. The Devil's Mystery Box by bbcummings 6 hours ago. Aaralon's Discoveries by Sixth 19 hours ago. The global rank declined , positions versus the previous 3 months. The website server is using IP address Search Traffic Percentage Trend. Indeed, the climate is such that even plainly insane claims—e. Dick, a freshman philosophy course and several animes —can make it through the door and survive motions for summary dismissals an expensive prospect.

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It would be an interesting court case at least. One that had no connection to books, children, or pop culture. It can be argued that the wild popularity of the HP books is based, in part, on the availability of fanfic that appeals to people of all sorts. Does that sound more feminist?

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Why should getting paid for writing be the only mark of quality in writing? Why should the only audience that counts be the largest or predominantly male one? If this was a reply to an earlier sloppy comment of mine, my apologies: my point on popularity was addressing the degree to which a derivative work helps an author or hurts an author.

A marginal author may benefit from derivative works more than a well-known author.

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Professional chefs can and do make comfort food. But they can also make hollandaise sauce. I was probably not clear enough. I think fanfic is a good for writers starting out. You have your character dynamics, your setting, your universe rules, all set up for you. I think something along your idea would be much more encouraging to writers who want to go pro. Not all fanfic writers want to go pro. Or was. Not even close. First, slander is spoken. There might be a causation problem.

Also, what if this hypothetical reader stumbled across a non-fiction essay discussing how the Harry Potter stories are sexist and racist? There are many sources of negative publicity. Why is fanfic to be singled out? That would also apply to people paying me to adapt those works in other media, for commercial purposes, of course. The reader is free to interpret a work of fiction as they wish. Whatever floats your boat. It just feels weird. So I do think there is a time issue that should be given consideration.

In fact, it pokes at several of the basic premises of the show, rotates it, and looks at twenty-four years of canon from an entirely different perspective. In fact, the story would be pointless without the context of the show. Some fanfiction is comfort-food, some of it is meat-and-potatoes, and some of it is an endive salad with proscuitto and gorgonzola. Or, for that matter, the Onion story about Harry Potter promoting Satanism. I suspect that one story caused J. If fanfic is indeed more about social interaction and acceptance than it is about dollars and cents….

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My mom quilts! I think an important point that has been lost is that most fan stories are about media other than books. As someone pointed out, almost all film and tv scripts have multiple parents. There is no one true author whose vision is being besmirched. There are multiple and often contradictory visions being presented to the world. There is somewhat of a bandwagon mentality among many fans. But why should I have to sit in the back room? But recently there was a bunch of press about a guy who wrote Harry Potter Vol. Just in case people missed them because they were caught in the moderation queue and I just released them there are comments from Naomi Novik and other OTW principals in the thread.

Scroll back up to find them. And I would again submit that the fan world is very much already divided off from the rest of the world. I suggest it may be an unintended consequence of a legal strategy that seeks to carve out a fair use immunity for fannish works, however. Also, and to the point, what you intend the OTW to be about is not necessarily how it will be perceived, particularly, I suspect, by corporations whose IP the fannish community writes about.

So if you do head into legal territories, I have you have both smart lawyers and a hell of a deep pocket to pay them out of. I feel quite proprietary about some other authors characters and I get very irritated when they screw them up, or ignore them or whatnot; and yes, I know I am admitting to that same implied insult I was talking about before.

Two words and letter Laurell K. Hamilton… nuff said. At any rate, though I may FEEL like I have a stake in, or in part a right to those characters; that feeling is incorrect. It is legally, and morally incorrect. Those characters are the authors original creations, they have the right to do with them what they please; and other than in my own head or on my own private property, I do not.

What you do in your head with characters is up to you; but the second you publish something that can be read by the public; even if it is only intended to be read by a small ish fan community, things have veered off the rails. This argument is just like that of downloading copyrighted music, or movies without paying for them. Often, fanfic authors and music and movie downloaders for that matter become incredibly defensive about this. What it comes down to is that publishing fanfic is both illegal and morally wrong, unless one secures the permission of the copyright holder.

Of course It is tacitly tolerated by publishers, and considered an important part of the fannish community; but it is still wrong. If fanfic is indeed created solely for the enjoyment of the fannish community, then what do you care if anyone outside that community ever sees it? Unless of course you really do want to mainstream fanfic, in which case that makes some of the arguments here ring a little hollow. Now I will admit that I generally prefer male authors over female ones. Like I said, differing tastes. My comments on fanfic are based on their content and derivation, not the sex of their authors.

I realize that you did not point fingers at anyone here. I just thought it was worth commenting on. Meh, I would prefer to stay in the legal backwaters. Actually, on that note, magicians probably engage in more flagrant misappropriation of ideas than any fanficcer. They even profit off it!

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Chris, thank you for your condescension. My eyes have been opened.

Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)

Illegality and immorality are not the same thing. I freely admit that what I do is illegal. I think the law is wrong with respect to non-commercial fanwork for rational reasons. I think that this is vastly different from illegal downloading of music because of the utilitarian arguments I have laid out in my previous posts.

Intellectual property law is about protecting the incentives of creative types to come up with ideas and develop them and make money off them. My only dispute is the idea that creators have the right to dictate how ideas are used when there is no direct competition or financial harm. Ideas are not like physical property.

Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)

You cannot own an idea but only the physical manifestation of an idea. Even if the copyright holder s strongly object to the fanfic. And to be clear, this is not some need of mine to make myself look like a good, moral person or anything like that.

Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)
Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica) Awakened at the Wizard Academy (FFM Erotica)

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