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High Places, Altars and the Bamah

The high place at Megiddo in Israel is one of the oldest known high places, dating from about bc. Because the Israelites had associated the divine presence with elevated places e. Canaanite agricultural fertility rites and practices were adopted by the previously nomadic Israelites, often in a syncretic fashion with Yahweh replacing Baal. A strong reaction to the adoption of such rites led to protests by Israelite judges and prophets from the 12th to the late 7th century bc , when the Deuteronomic Reform of led to the extirpation of the many local high places as sites of worship.

The Temple at Jerusalem on Mount Zion thus became the only legitimate high place in the Israelite religion , and the name bamah became a term of reproach and contempt. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. High place. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

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Have you ever tried to eradicate a particular sin from your life, but like a thistle in an Iowa pasture, it grew back even stronger? No wonder many believers have all but given up on achieving victory over pornography, worry about kids, bitterness toward an unkind boss, and the list goes on. Every time we attempt to break a sin habit, the enemy throws it back in our faces. Why even try? From Solomon to Hezekiah, 30 kings 12 in Judah, 18 in Israel failed to remove the high places. To travel far—go with others.

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The job of the Levites was to assist the priests by skinning animals and participating in holy convocations. The Levites were only a few in a nation of many. Still, starting at home, within 16 days the Levites dramatically cleansed the temple in Jerusalem of Canaanite worship paraphernalia. Next, Hezekiah sent messengers throughout Israel inviting every Jew to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem—not at their high places. Some couriers were well received, while others were scorned.

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Nevertheless, Jerusalem hosted a historic seven-day Passover celebration. Then the unexpected happened.

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The people were so moved they spontaneously traveled to the cities of Judah to break down Asherim poles and destroy the high places and altars 2 Chronicles And it started with a few faithful teammates who were willing to support Hezekiah in following the Lord wholeheartedly. Who can help support your spiritual walk?

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Two suggestions: First, find friends to study the Word with you. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you need a team.

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  • Second, what trusted friend or pastor can you talk to about recurring sin? Find someone who can help, not merely sympathize. Dashboard Indicator Four: Are you focusing on eliminating sin or on pleasing God? Instead, he restored true, God-centered worship at the temple, and the people realized that they did not need to worship Baal and Ashtoreth 2 Chronicles Though it seems counter-intuitive, sin is not defeated by focusing on getting rid of it. Rather, focus on replacing it with something that is pleasing to God. A friend once tested my concentration ability.

    To eliminate a sinful pattern, find a God-pleasing substitute. But first, submit to God. First submit in simple prayer, then substitute.

    Friends in High Places

    Summary A few years ago I was lying in bed one sleepless night pondering why a certain sin kept recurring in my life. That was a breakthrough! High places in our lives are more seductive when we believe the lie that God cannot provide all we need. Sin seductively warbles that it can meet your needs better than God.

    But God has already provided everything you need—everything!

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