I Survived! You Can Too!

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For almost three years I battled with my eating disorder. My health deteriorated, my mentality was gone and I wanted to die. I was ready for death. I wanted out. They were relentless. Before being thrown back into the wild, aka high school. Something miraculous happened in that hospital though. I was looked up to for the first time. Being that I was 17, I was placed in the adolescent unit with girls as young as It broke my damn heart that girls that young were already being tortured by these mental demons. The looked up to me and watched to see what I would do when food arrived.

If I finished a meal, they would make the extra effort to do the same.

I Survived, You Can Too

I was not only working on my own recovery in the hospital, I was also influencing the recovery of others. I made it my mission to be strong for them, to show them that they could beat this awful disease. My mentally abusive relationship, which I attempted to break up with before hospitalization, began to stalk me. He had installed a program in my computer at some point which logged my every key stroke, had remote access to my webcam, and watched me day in and day out.

I Survived! You Can Too!

It was only after we broke up and I broke communication with him, that I noticed he still knew every aspect of my life. So please, if you resonated with any of this story. By sharing your experience, you can let others know that they are not alone. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to content.

I Survived the No Spend Challenge! (And You Can, Too!)

Share NAMI. I believed these lies and my depression grew darker. HA just kidding. Enter Anorexia. Hello, you ugly demon.

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It was the first time I had to believe in myself and when I did, the results were contagious. I love you all.

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I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!
I Survived! You Can Too! I Survived! You Can Too!

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