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The participants, the article said, were composed of heterosexual Dutch and German students in their mids and the research was made of three parts — an online survey, a laboratory study, and 3 dating encounters that lasted at least 90 minutes each. And the vast majority of the time LAFS was reported, key love components, specifically commitment and intimacy, were missing from the romantic pairing.

No lust at first sight: why thousands are now identifying as ‘demisexual’

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“Love at first sight” is always lust

Of course, this isn't a surefire way to tell if he's smitten, so watch out for these five signs a guy is falling in love. Type keyword s to search.

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  6. MORE: 10 Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body When You're in Love Researchers didn't release any data about who was more likely to be in the "love" versus "lust" category, but they did discover through eye-tracking data that when people reported "romantic love," they locked eyes with the person in the photo.

    MORE: 15 Ways Being in Love Makes You Kind of Crazy Obviously, these conclusions come from people looking at photos of strangers—so we're reluctant to say this solves the "love at first sight" quandary.

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    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight
    Lust At First Sight Lust At First Sight

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