Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers

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You may train dogs at any time on lands you own, lease, or have written permission to use, if you are not training on wildgame. You may only use blank ammunition when training dogs, except during an open season. Control - Hunting dogs should remain under control of the hunter or trainer, especially on lands inhabited by deer. Do not shoot at dogs; report stray dogs to a local Environmental Conservation Officer or your local animal control officer. Your browser does not support iFrames. Navigation menu. Skip to main navigation Small Game Hunting "Small game" includes upland and migratory game birds , small game mammals e.

General Small Game Regulations You may not use a rifle or handgun to hunt pheasant or migratory game birds.

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You may not take a turkey with a rifle, or with a handgun firing a bullet. You may hunt turkey with a shotgun or handgun only when using shot no larger than 2 and no smaller than 8. Air guns may be used to hunt squirrels, rabbits, hares, ruffed grouse, and furbearers that may be hunted e.


Air guns may not be used to hunt waterfowl, pheasant, wild turkey, or big game. A bow or crossbow may be used to hunt small game. A crossbow may not be used in Westchester or Suffolk counties.

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See Crossbow Hunting for additional information. See the General Hunting Regulations for additional information. Falconry Seasons. No pet furbearer may be physically altered except skunks may be de-scented. Sale or purchase of a pet wild furbearer is prohibited. If any of these protected species are accidentally caught the animal must be released alive. If the animal is found dead, it must be left undisturbed in the snare or trap and a GFP representative contacted within 12 hours.

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An instructional brochure on avoiding trapping river otters is available from GFP offices. Trapping South Dakota is home to many species of furbearing animals. Seasons begin at sunrise of opening day and end at sunset of closing day. Muskrat Restrictions: No trapping on or in muskrat houses of any size after Mar. Only landowners and lessees, including School and Public land surface lease holders, on land they own or operate and state, county or township highway officials wihin public road right-of-ways are allowed to shoot muskrats, statewide.

Only rimfire cartridges of. Body grip traps may be used as water sets, with all of the bottom surface of these traps below the water's edge, for beaver year-round West River, except in the Black hills Fire Protection District.

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  • Bobcat restrictions hunting and trapping : Any person taking a bobcat must present the whole carcass and pelt to GFP personnel for registration and tagging of the pelt within 5 days of harvest. No person may possess, purchase, or sell raw bobcat pelts that are not legally tagged. All of the bottom surface of these traps must remain completely below the water's edge at all times. On all public lands and public road rights-of-way statewide, no person may set or operate a body grip trap when used in conjunction with any bait, lure, or scent with a jaw spread greater than six and three-quarter inches i.

    Note: a single overhang on the top of the cubby does not meet this recess requirement. Permission Required: No person may attach a trap, including snares, to any part of a fence along a public road right of way adjacent to private land without permission from the adjoining landowner No person, except the adjoining landowner or a person receiving written permission from the adjoining landowner, may trap on public road right of ways within feet of a home, church or schoolhouse Snares may not be set within fenced pastures, cropland, feedlots or fenced areas containing domestic livestock without permission of the landowner or the operator A person must have a permit issued by the park manager to trap in a state park or recreation area.

    The free permits are valid Nov.

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    Snares must be attached by the swivel directly to the anchoring device or by chain or cable between the swivel and the anchoring device. The swivel may not be more than four inches long, and must operate freely when set. Attaching snares to a drag is prohibited. Exempt from the above restriction that requires the use of permanent stop are snares that have a lock or device with a breaking strength of pounds of pressure or less.

    Trappers who use these types of snares must submit the snare for breaking strength testing if requested by a GFP representative.

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    It is unlawful to possess or transport snares not properly equipped, except manufacturers may obtain a free Shipping and Transportation Permit from a GFP Conservation Officer to ship or transport snares to another area that does not require the same equipment as South Dakota. Snares are prohibited May 1 - Nov. No snare with a spring or other device that applies pressure to the locking mechanism commonly referred to as: kill springs, choke springs, compression springs, dispatch springs, ram snares, or similar devices may be place on a Game Production Area or Waterfowl Production Area unless the snare is placed below the surface of the water or ice.

    Any animal caught must be removed. Traps or snares that are entirely submerged in the water and remain set beneath ice must be checked and any caught animals removed prior to midnight of the fifth full calendar day statewide.

    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers
    Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers

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