The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)

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Nafai's family must flee their extravagant lifestyle and prepare for whatever the Oversoul has in mind.

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Dec 13, Julia rated it really liked it. I liked this whole sci-fi series.


I've heard that it has a lot of Mormon themes in it the author is Mormon or lapsed Mormon or something like that but to be honest, I didn't notice it at the time I was reading it and it didn't interfere with my enjoyment. Dramatic stories, fun characters, big mysterious computers View all 3 comments. Jan 24, G33z3r rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction. An interesting story premise, and a well-written narrative, though only the start of what will apparently be a very long tale.

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Unfortunately, I found all the major characters so obnoxious and frequently stupid that I have no interest in reading the rest of their story. Jul 31, Ahavaa rated it did not like it. Here's the biggest problem with this book: Card's a terrible world-builder. Okay, the biggest problem might've been that whoever edited this book didn't feel comfortable telling Orson Scott Card that big chunks needed to be rewritten or scrapped, but I can't be too hard on our hypothetical editor: this book came out in 92, right when Card was big.

Sure, he's fine when telling us about his world - this is a book about a matriarchy, a city ruled by women, a city where women hold power, and no ma Here's the biggest problem with this book: Card's a terrible world-builder. Sure, he's fine when telling us about his world - this is a book about a matriarchy, a city ruled by women, a city where women hold power, and no man can spend even one night inside the city's walls if he doesn't spend that night in a woman's house.

Fair enough; a little ridiculous, but okay, I'll play Fantasy Matriarchy with you, Card. How do we play? Oh, well, it's a matriarchy, but every guard mentioned in the narrative is a man.

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Unmarried men cannot spend the night in the city unless they spend it in a woman's house Is there a curfew? Is there any way to enforce this particular rule, or are we on the honor system? Spoiler: throughout the book, hahaha nope, we are on the honor system. Uh, if we're talking construction, all of the construction workers are burly men, by the way.

If we're talking politics: the protagonist's mom has some sway, politically speaking, but every other named character with any influence in the politics of the city is a man. So in this matriarchy, Card gives us one 1 woman with a speaking role who's shown to have political power, and three 3 men with political ambitions and power. Um, also every merchant selling goods or handling money is shown to be a man, and all the bankers and stewards mentioned in the book are men. There's a couple of merchants explicitly identified as female who sell How is this a matriarchy? Good question! This is not a Matriarchy, you're scowling.

Where are the men crushed under the stiletto of oppression? I knooooow, I tell you. Look, this is what Card thinks is a matriarchy: exactly the same as the US, circa mid s, but only women are allowed to own residential property inside the city proper, there's a special religious lake that men aren't allowed to visit, and people sign marriage contracts with each other that only last one year. Oh oh! There are "wilders" - naked desert women who wander into Matriarchy City, where the women of Matriarchy City consider them holy and sacred, but Your Evil Oppressive Matriarchy, folks!

Tremble at all of this sexy Male Oppression, y'know? So there's that trainwreck. Look, just Like all of Card's work, our protagonist is a boy whose one weakness is that he is Too Smart, right? So when we're in his head, it is generally acknowledged that his observations and perceptions are correct. There's a line in this book where the protagonist seriously considers who is "better," the "brutal but rational men, or the irrational but gentle women," when he's comparing their styles of worship.

Their magic computer gives them hallucinations, but only in that lake. In this book, men worship by going into a fountain and tearing themselves up with barbed rings. Everyone bleeds into the same water. But remember! I could continue picking out the stupid bits - this is a city that doesn't have wagons because wheels are forbidden, and the city is not DIRECTLY on the coast, but somehow shark fights that take place in pools inside the side are big enough that they're a commonly accepted cultural practice.

No, really.

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These people carry their goods in caravans on camelback. Explain in detail how you would transport a shark from the ocean to the shark pool without a wagon or wheeled conveyance of some fucking kind. The whole book is like this! Maddening, weird, nonsensical bits that don't fit with anything else that Card has told us about this world that he's building.

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  2. Southern Winds A Changing.
  3. Sunburnt Country.

It's a promising first draft from an aspiring writer who's not bad but needs a lot of technical guidance? But not really worth money, honestly.

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View 1 comment. Mar 11, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , fiction , 20th-century. I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked the descriptions of the cultural and political systems used in the setting as they are very different from any other kind I have known of. I have also gotten to like many of the characters, and even some of their strange names, though a few of them still bother me such as "Luet". The only reason that I gave this book four stars rather than five is that I would have liked for it to surprise me a bit more.

Being very familiar with the story I really enjoyed reading this book. Being very familiar with the story that it is based on the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon , I knew what to expect every time.

That made it interesting for a little while "How is he going to incorporate this detail? I always prefer to discover a story as I read it, and I wasn't able to do that to the degree that I wish I could. I would rather that, instead of simply being a retelling of parts of the Book of Mormon in a science-fiction setting, it took some main themes from the original story and incorporated them into a new story.

The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)
The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)
The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)
The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)
The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)
The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2) The Homecoming (Settling of Scores Book 2)

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