To My Dear Father on Easter

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Memorializing a father killed in the line of duty is a very special task. The following poem captures the unique blend of sorrow, pride and respect a son or daughter feels at this time.

When duty called, my dad answered Without hesitation or fear. He didn't ask what it would cost him, He just saw a need that was clear. A need to defend his country, No matter what anyone else thought. So he headed off to a far away land And there he stood and he fought. He fought to preserve our freedom, Our right to govern ourselves here, Unencumbered by some foreign nation, Trying to erase the beliefs we hold dear. So my dad is a hero in my eyes, And I hope he's one in your eyes, too.

He gave up his life and all that he loved, To ensure that freedom for you. My Daddy is my hero who taught me to play ball, caught me when I would fall, and made me feel not so small. A eulogy should pay tribute to the dad who has passed, whether it comes from one of his children or another loved one want to say some comforting words for them.

The following poems come from both perspectives. The loss of a father Is a heavy burden to bear. He's a source of quiet strength That is so missed when he's not there. Take comfort he's in Heaven, And looking down at you.

Dear Dad - From You to Me Book

He'll be there through the coming years, Watching over and guiding you. He's your very own guardian angel, And he'll be with you to the end, When you meet again in Heaven, And your broken heart will finally mend.

I have to admit that I was a Daddy's girl. He told me he loved better Than anything else in the world. When I became a woman He walked me down the aisle, And gave me away With a bittersweet smile. And now that man who loved me, And wrapped me in arms so strong Has gone where I can't reach him, But my love for him lives on.

I'll keep his memory alive, and honor all he believed, And just feel so very grateful For all his love that I received.

Dear Father

A father and his son Are inexplicably bound, And that bond isn't severed just Because Dad's no longer around. A son remembers his father's words, His wisdom and his wit. There's never a day the ever goes by, When the son doesn't find a use for it. And this is how the father lives on Inside the heart of his son. Although they were parted years ago In this way, the two live as one. Everyone needs a father. A girl needs a father to feel like a beautiful princess. A boy needs a father to learn how to be a real knight.

A mother needs a father to raise their kids in happiness and harmony. How do you manage to play so many roles excellently? A real man can be whatever he wants: he can be a pilot, an engineer, a programmer and so on. But the best thing a man can be is a great father. Father is not just a man. Frankly speaking, my father is not a man at all — he is a real superhero! My beloved husband, let me congratulate you on this wonderful holiday!

Dear father, you always were and forever will be a perfect father for me. Father is a half of a family. Father is a support and a real friend who will always understand you without a word. Our children are grown up already, but I can still see how much they need you. We all love you madly. You always were a role model for me. You taught me how to be honest and reliable friend, how to respect people and, what is more important, you showed me what happy family life is.

Thank you!

Birthday Wishes for Father

And I know that you love me with all your heart. I love you too, dad. Wish you a happy holiday! I promise I will never disappoint you. I remember you in my childhood: you were always so funny and cheerful, everyone just adored you. I told everyone that you were my daddy with a huge pride. Happy holiday! Thank you for your love and care, for happy childhood days, celebrations and unforgettable moments! Daddy, I am very proud of you, for every little thing you have done, you were, are and always will be my hero! I will always look up to you, because you are the best! Saying to you this word everyday brings me so much pleasure and makes me really happy.

I congratulate you on the holiday! Dear dad, thank you for all your help, support, for being there when I was down! I wish you never get disappointed in your kid. I believe that good father is equally important for both girls and boys.

Family Prayer Guide

Because only father is able to show a boy what it means to be a real man and show the girl how it feels to feel herself a real woman next to him. Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong, to never stop believing in my dreams, for all the trust, for helping me achieve my goals!

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Love you very much! Dear dad, I always admired your ability to be strong and tender simultaneously, to be strict sometimes and incredibly funny sometimes. Father, thank you for teaching me to be myself, for never letting me down, for always being next to me, for always making me lough, even when I never wanted to smile.

HAPPY EASTER IN HEAVEN | Our Angels In Heaven | Dad in heaven, Daddy quotes, Sister in heaven

Thank you for being by my side, I love you! Dad, I will always be there, when you need me, I will always be your little princess, And as they say: someday I may find a prince, But you will always be my king! Love you, daddy! Dear dad, thank you for not leaving me, when I was sad, For never letting me down, when I needed you. I am forever grateful to you And I will love you until the day I die! Father, you are my hero, my role model, when I was just a little boy, you taught me to never give up, to chase my dreams, and I am very thankful for that, because without your support, I would be where I am today!

Thank you, daddy, for our happy childhood, For inspiration, for joyful days, For love, that we received from you, We thank for everything from the bottom of the heart!

To My Dear Father on Easter To My Dear Father on Easter
To My Dear Father on Easter To My Dear Father on Easter
To My Dear Father on Easter To My Dear Father on Easter
To My Dear Father on Easter To My Dear Father on Easter
To My Dear Father on Easter To My Dear Father on Easter

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