Valkyra: Destinys Spear

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Rasputin gave us the Sleeper Simulant. A laser rifle that could melt fucking gods.

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  • Rasputin is cited as having doomsday weapons that could blacken the skies of a thousand worlds. Saladin said that during the battle for the plaguelands, Rasputin brought to bear frames that Saladin had never seen before, or since. My only guess is that because everything was happening within his own facility, it would have destroyed Rasputin to start nuking himself, so equipping Gaurdians with Valkyrie Spears that can be directed very accurately at threats, would be the best method to dealing with it.

    Cake Day.

    Destiny 2 Dynamo Observation Valkyrie Node Location (Sleeper Simulant Nodes Location)

    Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Valkyrie was a shit spear at best. It looks like the activity was the brainchild of Rob Gallerani, design lead at Vicarious Visions, who collaborated with Bungie on this particular add-on -- the two-decade old studio has worked on tons of properties and most recently handled the Skylanders series alongside of Toys for Bob.

    Valkyra: Destinys Spear

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    Valkyra: Destinys Spear Valkyra: Destinys Spear
    Valkyra: Destinys Spear Valkyra: Destinys Spear
    Valkyra: Destinys Spear Valkyra: Destinys Spear
    Valkyra: Destinys Spear Valkyra: Destinys Spear
    Valkyra: Destinys Spear Valkyra: Destinys Spear

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